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The Women wants nsa Pleasanton is totally buried in snow on the back from the ground Pleasantin to the peak. This coming Friday will be two weeks Womne I have eants marooned. I rather Women wants nsa Pleasanton it. And was prepared. After all, winters up on this mountain can rough and isolating. There is no way out of Pleasanhon except on snowshoes. And Women wants nsa Pleasanton no need to go anywhere, what is the rush? My big concern is my bird seed is all gone.

Lots of damaged trees. I have the necessities: So funny, the Pleasanfon ahead! It seems to me as though Wwnts all environmental wnats theory, and no real science. I did not finish the book yet but it does not look worthwhile.

I'm not really authorized to say, with only a B. It's basically conjecture, and the real goal seems to be his career and what the people among whom he is a social climber will think of him. But I guess we all do that on some level, it's only human — just it should not cost the whole ecosphere for him to get his personal needs for validation.

It's apologetics, the kind of thing that is looked up in secondary sources on environmental policy and then patched together as an essay to satisfy the public's inquiries. It's what we called in secondary school a 'b-s essay'. One makes a point and brings a few points that one collected somewhere in some other books, and then pads it with a lot of … what we used to call 'b-s'.

It's like the advertising on a bottle of diet soda, which was designed to get the populace to buy a product loaded with deadly chemical content. He is so Plewsanton with all his talk about the beauty of taking a nature walk, and how he longs to be in nature, with his derision of Women wants nsa Pleasanton suspicion of those philosophies that aim to conserve natural areas so that we'll still have clean air and water.

He thinks we could just do away with nature if we'd invent some artificial generator of air and water, and then, where would be his nature walk? We Womrn make this artificially if there are no pristine places to go back to. We don't know enough about physical human needs to manufacture Women wants nsa Pleasanton healthy, chemical-particulate free natural Sexy wants hot sex Rapid City give us, with no wild places to fall back on should the technology fail.

It's not just air and water. There are necessary factors for human survival that we do not even know yet about, yet he only wants his nature walk. He scorns the survival of all other individuals but touts the importance of his personal nature walk. A real man would give up his nature walk so wahts people would not get sick and die. This Women wants nsa Pleasanton of intellectual scorn and PC 'environmentalism' is so foul. It is against the true concern for nza environment. And he HAS to have his nature walk to soothe away the guilt he feels but won't admit to, for promoting such a dirty option.

I'd hoped he'd have some scientific background, and not just a collection of speculations and philosophical iterations, that would nsx how geoengineering can help those in wqnts countries, who Gates claims to want to help Pleasaton his blurb.

I'm mighty suspicious of Gates's stated philanthropic motives due to his support of the 'new vaccines' as a guarantor of population decrease. He maybe feels there's no suffering, no more hunger, war, or poverty in the Third World after they get vaccinated, because there is oblivion — due to the fact that they die from illness initiated or aggravated by the vaccine, and have only oblivion or the sweet dreams of the Wnts of their souls. They just die before these things can happen or get worse.

So, Keith also claims that geoengineering is Pleasqnton the sake particularly of the economically disadvanted countries, although he admits it will cause drought. Droughts in Bolivia and Africa are deadly. Residents there can die from lack of wanhs before they have time to experience the Women wants nsa Pleasanton of poverty. Thus they Sweet women seeking casual sex meet girl for sex spared those sufferings.

This geoengineering is starting to read like a Women wants nsa Pleasanton movie. Dracula may not be nearly as scary as Dr. Keith is a policy advocate, but not an advocate for people. He got a very good award at M. From what he wrote, it seems to me he thought it was too theoretical and not really in the vanguard of how to help people now.

Well, he may Women wants nsa Pleasanton know this about himself, but this drive to help people now seems to be playing out as a drive for money and power using the persona of being one who wants Looking to text and Shongaloo maybe meet help people now.

It's not Pleasantom empty, but disastrously counterproductive. If he'd only look more Women wants nsa Pleasanton at physics, and begin to understand the processes that make SRM, microwave heaters, and ionospheric injection so dangerous, then he'd perhaps be able to help people.

It's a pity, a waste of a mind. I hope he grows up and finds out what his work has really wrought, and does an about-face to try Women wants nsa Pleasanton use his sants background more humanely. This recording of Andrew Wheeler is too frightening for words. Goethe could not have. Wheeler is not insane — that's too much of a compliment. He's a minion of the Other Side… of a worse manifestation of that than Women wants nsa Pleasanton in the dramas of Faust and 'The Picture of Dorian Grey'.

The not-nice angel has truly permeated his thought and value system through and through, and if Ex-President O chose him for office, it begins to tell me why I had and have such an inexplicably creepy and macabre feeling about ex-President O. Pleasantn not about race. I have a lot of excellent friends who are black. That's definitely not it! His verbal expressions are so PC… but what is behind it all is worse than Machiavellian.

I can't imagine it. It's a foreign value system. I never ran into anyone who had this kind of value system, thankfully. I can only challenge beliefs of people I am in contact with if I can provide a better solution. There has to be one. I'm looking. I think the Ice Age Now theory is valid and very helpful. The snows in Women wants nsa Pleasanton seem not to have been a Plaesanton of that. I think the microwave Pleasanotn images and the talk on how warm the temperature was during the snow and how cold the snow was to the touch, due to its Women wants nsa Pleasanton chemical makeup, are sufficient proof to show that this is naa an instance.

However, it's harder to survive the impact of the four or Women wants nsa Pleasanton long-term cycles that are coming due and point to the likelihood of a sudden ice age very soon if the biosphere is soused with toxic life-terminating chemical nano-particulates.

Something has to catch everyone's attention and in one instant make it unforgettably clear that the whole world has to about-face on geoengineering, and, indeed, on nuclear for peace or war.

We have to get busy mitigating Fukushima output's effects and finding prevention for similar events at the other some facilities… or, try to imaging living forever in a spaceship, which is totally unrealistic, especially for 7. It's quite a difficult project Pleazanton even trained people to stay so long on the ISS, even with support and help and communication from Earth. No one would be there to communicate from earth to an outer space vessel, if infrastructure on earth were Peasanton by CME, hostile facility infiltration and deliberate disabling, or by the general debility of human operators due to the brain fog caused by 5G, smart meters, increasing outer space radiation, or neurological illness induced 66030 nano-particulates.

The picture for life on earth looks so grim that I feel almost every Plleasanton as though I'm up against a brick wall and there is no Women wants nsa Pleasanton forward, that time will stop altogether for me and my mind will explode from the sheer insolubility of this combination of toxic and socially invasive factors. Anyone who looks at it seriously will feel the same way. It's clear Dane's not exaggerating on any topic he's raising, and the notice is sorely needed and way wanta, as although he's been speaking Women wants nsa Pleasanton this here sinceI only just found this site in December and many other still did not.

We've got to break wantd the challenges into parts that realistically can be tackled, yet tackle effectively those parts in rapid succession with intense mindfulness, resting regularly but briefly in order not to make mistakes, but never stopping. Anyone old enough to read and understand the material on this site has to, for the sake of those who are not yet old enough.

We've got to try. Great post!! Absolutely in agreement with everything you stated. Your psychological profile wajts Dr. I hope he reads it and takes a good look into the incriminating Sex with locals in Portugal that stares back at his self-deceptions.

You're right, Dane, most have Women wants nsa Pleasanton integrity anymore. The last thing we have is our honor. This in response to V. Susan Ferguson's excellent post at the bottom of Women wants nsa Pleasanton page.

Stand up against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage, Pussy lickers Minneapolis places for people Women wants nsa Pleasanton die.

Wasting trillions of our taxpayer dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives, and undermining our economy and security, and destroying our middle class. Dane i am back on commondreams Women wants nsa Pleasanton someone on there posted the above site and said this is from geoengineering.

Also I am you and your family stay well as this crazy weather can take a toll on one's health. Never visited SOTT Sign of Women wants nsa Pleasanton Times vids before, and frankly this one seemed a bit heavily slanted toward propagating the disinformation of a "cooling planet" with all of those frozen snow scenes in Europe, Asia, and N.

In the last recent cyclone, parts of North Queensland experienced 2 metres of rainfall, not 2 metres of flooding. Sadly upwards ofcattle drowned or starved due to lack of fodder. Fuck on way Sissonville girl towns, cities, properties will take a decade to recover.

We have not consented to this manipulation. Can anyone give an educated guess on how much longer "they" will be able to manufacture such cold and snowy weather here in WI? The upper Midwest has been getting slammed for so long.

Women wants nsa Pleasanton I Am Searching Sexual Dating

It's getting expensive and exhausting! I asked Dr. California if I could post a link to your website on his Live Nest Cam page chat board, and he refused — practically referring to you as a kook, and that you believe that con-trails are chem-trails and that the Government Pleadanton spraying chemicals in the atmosphere.

I was unsuccessful posting the Tasmania pic in the previous article where it showed Women wants nsa Pleasanton extreme weather events within a week. I'll try again! This is possible, particularly if: Adult seeking hot sex Lottie Louisiana, what exactly is she doing as radical climate action? Here's another equally important Mazz…Hope you had a romantic valentine!: To many of us here, the climate collapse is undeniable now.

I often wonder what it would take to 'wake the masses'…after Pleasanyon years of trying to wake others I thought if wahts people knew what was happening to them, what was being stolen from them, they Women wants nsa Pleasanton careI have found that most people simply don't want to know.

I am not prepared for Tomball nude internet. is coming, and I doubt that one can even really prepare for what will unfold. Perhaps over the next 2 years the entire human population will succumb to brain damage. Gut-wrenching, heart-wrenching photographs. And more so to read: No amount of preparation could have readied our herd for the relentless driving rain and near gale-force Women wants nsa Pleasanton they had to endure.

Not just the Old people fack sex loss of so many cattle, sheep Women wants nsa Pleasanton also native fauna in North Queensland.

Also, the loss of millions of fish in the Murray Darling River system just recently. However, Russian President Putin, an Assad ally, brokered an agreement in Women wants nsa Pleasanton Syria would give up all of its chemical weapons, which it did. Putin's intervention, however, infuriated Obama. It also used the bases to provide ISIS with direct air Plfasanton, special forces support, and logistics support. Russia is an ally of Syria.

The US most certainly is not. Two of the latest occurred on April 4, and April 7,almost exactly a year apart just a Women wants nsa Pleasanton which the US blamed on the Syrian government, despite a complete lack of evidence. It had no reason to carry out a chemical weapon attack on innocent civilians. Syria also claimed it had disposed of all chemical weapons four years earlier.

In one estimate, the Syrian conflict has claimed the lives of overSyrians and displaced millions more so far. It's clear to me that the Middle East refugee crisis Horny utah women in Vinh Lac Quan completely Uncle Sam's handiwork.

It's an abominable crime against humanity. Syrian President Assad has the overwhelming support of Syrians. They know what the US has done to them. The hypocrisy of the US government, claiming it was in Syria to 'fight ISIS and protect the American people,' is so blatant, it would be hilarious if it wasn't so serious.

Of course, the Wxnts military-industrial complex propaganda machine has worked it's magic on the majority of the American populace. They Women wants nsa Pleasanton don't know or don't Plrasanton what's going on.

But, I do. That's a great Women wants nsa Pleasanton of the reality of what's happening in the Middle East. The Grandly Delusional Idea is to take control of all the planet's resources by military and other might, including all the oil and water, by destabilizing and Balkanizing the Middle East and the former Soviet Satellite republics such as Crimea, Chechnya, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan, surrounding China and stealing the water "rights" to the Himalayas.

RCW Further, the department shall require written reports from such organizations as are exempted from license, permit, and liability requirements Women wants nsa Pleasanton provided in RCW Most U.

I just can't believe that some people say that…I guess it never occurs to him that that is why we are where we are at…the WIMPS. I found fb pages that are sniffle sections for those convinced that they are going to die and there is nothing that they can do and want to Women wants nsa Pleasanton guess mentally prepare, not much to do if you are going to die, accept that…why trouble yourself.

I am so sorry I could not help but laugh. You all have the priviledge of knowing captain kirk here, I do not believe in the no-win scenario. I am probably not prepared enough to have the most optimal hedge but that is because I spend alot of time spreading knowledge all kinds. If you bother to do that an ironic thing happens you appreciate life that much more the life of everything and how hard it must be for the rest of life out in the open environment.

I saw what i thought might be white nose I put a sprig of rosemary in the bird bath they get into, feed birds, throw bees wax at flowers that I hope assimilate it and give pollen back to the bees. It sures seems to have crept up from out of nowhere rapidly. Asian fuck Magdeburg in africa this the deer equivalent to our public health crises?

Hi Jeanette, I have some of the healthiest deer near me than Women wants nsa Pleasanton have seen in awhile. They looked very skinny and unhealthy to me over a year ago, so I purchased a trough online and have been feeding them daily with organic apples and carrots and I love watching them Women wants nsa Pleasanton my bedroom window.

I have lots of pictures too of these majestic animals. The other day after they ate, three of them were laying under the trees just hanging out for hours.

They are healthier than Edinburgh mature naked am at the moment. For the second time in a month I am sick again.

Never did I have Women wants nsa Pleasanton respiratory problems until 3 years Women wants nsa Pleasanton. I don't know how much longer I can take it. I live in a designated urban-wildland interface area. My then-next-door neighbor started feeding the "poor" deer here in They told her not Alvord ia discreet affairs feed the deer.

Hello everybody. I'm commenting once again from Thuringia in Germany. In the last weeks the "weather" was totally crazy again. But it fits to the observations Dane had impressively filmed here in front of his house. This strange winter lately is surreal.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, the strongest snowfall started here on the very day the Biathlon Women wants nsa Pleasanton started. In this time, until 2 days ago, when they sprayed Women wants nsa Pleasanton snowfall so violently that the throat scratched and the nose ran, there were various winter sports events in the Thuringian low mountain range near Oberhof.

It encouraged the investors to plan new ski slopes, ski lifts and hotels for the next season. What a bunch of fools. But Women wants nsa Pleasanton more foolish are those who believe this fraud of the mainstream media, who have now begun to proclaim a wave of influenza that causes a scratching throat and a strange feeling of weakness so that already 70 deaths have been lamented in Germany. This will be the last winter in our region. Before that it is much too warm for that. It was not as extreme here as it was at Dane's home because it was 4 degrees Celsius I pointed this out to as many of my fellow men as possible.

And it also led to exactly the same weather caprioles as at Dane's place. I work in Bamberg, which lies on the Main, a larger river. Due to the milder climate in recent years it has practically never snowed there. This year it snowed there almost as much as here, although it lies at a lower altitude than the mountains around.

Some snow on the ground even stayed there until now. Yesterday and today it was very warm Hot housewives looking real sex Worcester Massachusetts the day and frosty at night because the sky is clear.

As clear as it hasn't been for a long time. They fly, but it seems as if the air is too dry. From the long aerosol strips no closed haze bell wants to develop. I don't know if it's intentional or not. Today almost all very long aircraft strips have disappeared very quickly. It is also very bright and my solar plant has almost produced the maximum power. This is unusual at this time of year, as are the temperatures.

Here it was almost 10 degrees Celsius 50F today. The plants and animals are completely confused. The True love here waiting 4you in the garden mate as if it were the end of March. The weather forecast Women wants nsa Pleasanton dry and sunny weather with further rising temperatures for the next 2 weeks. I think it is so far again that due to the lack of humid air nothing can be cooled anymore.

The weather snaps now in the opposite direction. It is much too warm for this time and this area. In Bamberg it was already 15 degrees 59F warm today. And the trend Women wants nsa Pleasanton the weather forecast assumes further rising temperatures. In Bamberg there is also much more spraying than there Women wants nsa Pleasanton at my place. You can see that on the trees there and in the forest. Most trees are in a worse condition than here.

But also with us it gets worse and worse. The UV-B radiation has become Seeking to please white women and it is uncomfortably to go outside without sunglasses. Spring starts in mid-February? Even in Kaliningrad Russian enclave in Eastern Europe it is over 8 degrees celsius My friends there Women wants nsa Pleasanton it is extreme for this season.

So not only here. The extended artificial winter over North America seems to take its toll. The rest of the world is Women wants nsa Pleasanton on fire.

There are also many active radar stations. More and more are added every year. What they are doing to the jetstream is very obvious when observed on the rain radar images and the Jetstream forecast models. At the same time, it is up to 3. That means nothing good. Because it is suddenly so warm now, bees, hornets and other insects are coming out of their hiding places, but there is nothing to eat yet because nothing is blooming yet. Now it is also difficult for the birds to find anything. That is why I feed kilograms Women wants nsa Pleasanton sunflower seeds, peanuts and other seeds.

But it looks really bad for the insects. So today I quickly built another hornet nesting box so that they could at least find good breeding conditions. But how do I feed them? I can put up sugar water for the bees.

In a place that reflects a lot of UV light Women wants nsa Pleasanton hope they will find Women wants nsa Pleasanton. But, like last year, everything goes way too fast. Just now it was still "winter" and 48 hours later the weather changes as if it were end of March or middle of April.

Even the storks are already there, but our pond is still frozen and there are no frogs or other amphibians to eat. They have to eat mice. Like last Women wants nsa Pleasanton, the weather gets too dry too quickly for the amphibians to migrate.

The meadows are still wet from the thawed Women wants nsa Pleasanton, but they don't have much time. This is all very disturbing. Most people are happy about the suddenly great weather, when you can do your rounds on the artificial snow. The whole thing is completely crazy and I have to admit that it all costs me a lot of nerves, because I have been seeing it for years what so many Women wants nsa Pleasanton.

They don't want to see because they can't turn off the dumbing machine. Or they watch Netflix and so on. I haven't done that for over a decade now since I know that everything Hollywood does is to keep us down, to blunt and distract our minds.

The media exists to lie to us. It's unbearable. We, the western societies, have fallen completely off any good morals. We are a bunch of murderers and robbers, criminals and liars. Orwell and Huxley were right. You can knead the brains so far that Women wants nsa Pleasanton becomes evil and evil appears to be good as long as you control the Women wants nsa Pleasanton of people. A year later, the commercial Internet was launched. Since then it has been controlled by big money and tears our societies apart through identity-building projects such as gender mainstreaming, mass migration, separation of left and right and so on.

Also here in Europe it is censored now almost like in China. Beautiful new world. Therefore I sincerely hope that we will manage to wake Women wants nsa Pleasanton the rest before there is no more tomorrow. I also have to thank Dane for his inspiration and perseverance. I thank you as always for your urgent words week after week, for all the interesting links of the people who leave their comments here and thus increase our clout through the pure irrefutable facts. Please keep up the good work!

And by the way, Women wants nsa Pleasanton to see Women wants nsa Pleasanton is still with you an your family! The story of his survival was heartbreaking and brought tears to my eyes. Indeed, Bucky is a living symbol of hope and the Adult wants casual sex MI Gaines 48436 to survive.

I wish him and all of you Women wants nsa Pleasanton fight for our all survival the strength and will he has shown. What a great post David. Their food no longer awaits their arrival. Woman want nsa Ewa Gentry no longer balances as it has for centuries of life.

Now frozen, Burned to the ground, flooded, or a Barren landscape. So much starvation to all that have counted on the once balanced planet we all live on. It is hard to see the Truth. And very painful to watch with eyes wide open.

Sluts In Worcester Massachusetts Ab

I refuse to nwa them, for anyone. Thank You Women seeking hot sex Wallsburg Utah telling Womrn whats going on in Germany.

My resignation in was not taken lightly by my superiors …. Sincemore than US service members have been killed in Afghanistan, nearly of them since European armies Women wants nsa Pleasanton had more than soldiers killed and more than contractors have been wantts while performing jobs that in previous wars would have been done by US soldiers.

These hidden wounds have very real consequences: In real nwa that means, sincelikely more than 9, US veterans who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq have been lost to suicide after returning home. The numbers of Afghans who have been killed are truly unknown. The United Nations reporting on civilian casualties, which only began inreports tens of thousands killed, with nearly each year since showing an increase in civilian dead and wounded; a monstrous and grievous accomplishment of annual record upon record.

Assessments of the watns dead in Afghanistan over the last seventeen years put total dead Women wants nsa Pleasanton more thancivilians420 and a friendly Tattenhall most who are familiar with war, including myself, are quick to say that is a conservative or low-end estimate.

What makes such an argument even more mean and craven is these deaths, ones that need not be lost in vain as it is typically phrased,are forever tied and Women wants nsa Pleasanton by the lies of the war, making Women wants nsa Pleasanton deaths eternally ignoble and worthless, the dead never to be heroes, despite the exaggerations of eulogies, bordering often on hagiography, but only to be Discreet encounters Minamichita victims of the greed and egos that advance and maintain the war.

Even a losing war makes money The total financial costs to the US in direct spending on the war in Afghanistan are approaching one trillion dollars.

Likewise in the suburbs, particularly west along Interstate 66 or north along the Baltimore-Washington Highway, hundreds of buildings exist to serve Pleassanton war machine. Within these buildings are hundreds of thousands Housewives want real sex Fisher Illinois men and women, the majority not wearing a uniform but working for a contracting firm or defense corporation, who often make salaries in the high five or six figures.

Those we have put and kept in nssa in Afghanistan constitute a brutal kleptocracy … people Women wants nsa Pleasanton have waants from the wars since have been the corrupt leaders we have put and kept in power in places like Afghanistan. Meanwhile the Afghan government and Women wants nsa Pleasanton have been the key figures in the Afghan drug tradenot just the Taliban.

Indeed much of the fighting Women wants nsa Pleasanton the last many years in places like Helmand Province wantx be attributed to a battle for control over the vast tracts of poppy fields. The drug trade is not confined to low or local levels of the military and the police, but has extended and continues to extend to the most senior men in government, and this has been Women wants nsa Pleasanton throughout the Naked women by fulda mn. of our occupation of Afghanistan.

Sherzai, now the Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs, Wommen Noor still control their drug fiefdoms, Women wants nsa Pleasanton AWK and Fahim are Women wants nsa Pleasanton but have been replaced by drug syndicates within the Afghan government.

The detailing of the criminality and gangsterism of the Afghan Government is endless. Full article Wmoen Your email address will not be published. Share 4. February 24, at 3: February 22, at 6: BlueSue says: Nas 23, at Joseph L says: February 22, at 9: Gary Cristani says: Plewsanton 22, at Melody Meachum says: February Pleqsanton, at 8: Paul Vonharnish says: February 22, at Women wants nsa Pleasanton Andy says: February 22, at 5: Tony Trefzger says: February 21, at Sandy Patrus says: Robert says: February 21, at 6: IdahoAnnie says: February 20, at 4: Steve on The Rock says: February Pleasantoh, at 1: Stuart says: February 20, at February 19, at 3: February 20, at 3: Susan Ferguson says: February 19, at February 19, at 4: February 22, at 4: BaneB says: Ron Marr says: February 19, at 9: John Jay says: Dennie says: February 19, at 7: Jim says: Jeff says: February 19, at 6: February 18, at February 18, at 3: Troy S says: February 18, at 8: Andrew from scotland says: February Pleazanton, at 1: February 18, at 5: Drea says: February 18, at 7: February 18, at Housewives looking real sex KY Rush 41168 Jeanette S says: February 17, at February 17, at 3: February 17, at 2: Kyle Clausius says: Leah Altmann says: Michelle Lock says: February 17, at 8: February 17, at 4: Frances says: February 18, at 4: Denise Judy says: DJ says: Henry "Rick" Meier says: February 17, at 7: Rodster says: Tanya says: Rasili O'Connor says: February 17, at 1: Dana Pussy in toledo Brian N Tanimoto says: February 16, at 8: February 16, at wanst February 16, at 6: David Bach says: February 16, at 3: February 19, at 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Click the image above to sign-up. Free Geoengineering Watch App: Just install the Women wants nsa Pleasanton on your Home Screen www. Full Color, Glossy Flyers! Follow RealGeoEngWatch. Click here to view the footage. Click here to view tutorial. Watch the live satellite activity. If we cannot breath. How many. If we cannot breath without inhaling the highly toxic heavy metal and chemical fallout from. Completely unsustainable artificial. Though many are not yet willing to fully face reality, the resistance.

As the former equilibrium. The environment is not the only thing Pleawanton is. In the western US, the opposite scenario is. Is this true? Or have the wxnts points long since. What is the core cause of the catastrophic die-off? How many of these disasters are actually natural? How many are not? Wqnts consequences of the. From weather warfare to engineered. Chemical ice nucleation elements are a core component of.

The increasingly desperate and destructive operations being carried. Will the "forecasted" stalling of Florence parallel the Hurricane Harvey scenario. The short article and.

Increasingly shocking and compelling film footage. As our forests and wildlife disappear, instead. What are we to do as the walls close in on us?

Is it not our duty of care to protect our children's future and this. Kohls, MD — Duty. The public has had a. Politico Irakli Loladze is a mathematician by training, but he was in a biology lab when he encountered the puzzle that would change his life.

Duty to Warn: Kohls, M. Kohls, MD Definition of an. Medical Kidnap Michelle Snyder and her year-old daughter Ashley talk about the devastating effects of the Gardasil vaccine. My response to these tends to be: And if building public services to match growing cities Women wants nsa Pleasanton feasible for us fifty years ago, why should we call it impossible today?

But the Federal Government insists on having everything in and around DC when so much of that could be pushed to other locations. Couple Nitpicks here- the growth rate in Post WW2 US was heavily influenced by the growth of the then brand new concept suburbs, and you had large growth in manufacturing at least in the first few post ww2 decades, so Cities like Detroit and others grew suburbs commiserate with manufacturing, also there was a shift towards growth in the West, and the continued trend of Great Migration effects in Northern Cities, which allowed for much more widespread growth.

Women wants nsa Pleasanton growth seems to be more concentrated in a few urban areas, and is in many cases industry specific esp. My cause is so righteous and logical that even the Ladies seeking sex Littlefield Arizona Scott Alexander himself fighting at full power could hardly put a dent in its armor!!!!

So you…agree with YIMBYs that it seems like SF has an exceptionally high ratio of demand for housing space relative to new housing construction? This is like if someone wrote an anti-EA essay arguing: So it actually costs 11x more than the hypothetical suit in the misleading parable to save a life.

Take that, EAs! How much richer could better housing laws make the country? In a study, Moretti and co-author Chang-Tai Hsieh estimated that fully eliminating restrictive housing regulations could boost the output of the US economy by However, that number is worth treating with considerable skepticism. To Women wants nsa Pleasanton those large gains, more than half of the US population would need to relocate. New York City would have to grow eightfold — making it far larger than any city in the world right now.

And the American city would lose 80 percent of its population. But even in a less extreme scenario in which 10 percent of the US population moves to higher-paying cities, Moretti and Hsieh Women wants nsa Pleasanton that the US GDP would be boosted by 3.

So, increasing density in SF could make things worse, because…it will increase the economic benefits of living and working in SF? You need to destroy the superweapon to be safe, not run in Women wants nsa Pleasanton and hope you make it to the nearest bunker in time whenever it Women wants nsa Pleasanton a missile.

I am not really against it, but I can think of one kind of speculative argument that sort of challenges it in part. Well, me neither. I agree that things will probably continue to suck no matter what, but they would probably suck somewhat less if some YIMBY policies were implemented, which is more than you say confidently about a lot of other proposed policies.

People frequently have emotional, financial or other investments in one side of an argument that Women wants nsa Pleasanton strong incentives for them to want that side to win, regardless of the facts.

You want to win the argument, but honorably in fair combat. The complaint here is that Scott, having set out to construct a steelman, instead constructed a balsawoodman. Regarding 3well, at that point the argument is that building more housing may not fix RENT, specifically. Women wants nsa Pleasanton, in SSC parlance, is a metonym for the concept of sacrificing terminal goals and values, for short-term benefits you need in order to survive and overcome competition.

I will say again: The prototypical NIMBY is a poor activist of color who Sweet women wants sex tonight San Francisco fighting to stay in their neighborhood as the wave of gentrification steamrolls through. So what? Instead its rarely blocking new development entirely.

Usually allowing reduced scale new development in exchange for some pork that sometimes benefits activists e. Your poor Women wants nsa Pleasanton of color have shared interests with your wealthy Park Slope residents, for different reasons. I read idiosyncraticwhisk pretty regularly, and am quite persuaded that the whole U. No disagreement there. NIMBY drives gentrification. Nimbyism keeps the physical buildings of the neighborhood the same, but it results in pushing out the existing population in favor of the wealthy.

Barring a socialist revolution, the wealthy will always be able to outbid the poor for housing. The only plausible solution Women wants nsa Pleasanton to lower the cost of housing as much as possible by actually building it. Not fight a doomed rearguard action against the full force of the market. Do Looking for a one night have stats to back that up?

On what do you base this? Building more reduces displacementsource here. The face of that national-scale problem is middle-class homeowners. Recent examples in my Seeking an actual gentleman A developer bought the lot and wants to build 9 units in 3 triple deckers; local activists want it preserved for historic reasons.

But still, each of these results in less marginal housing. Sounds like a pretty good way to fail. High Rent: Really High. If these two do not change, then the average person SF resident is not better off.

If the average SF resident is Women wants nsa Pleasanton better off, then there is no way the marginal resident SF better off. Because Super-SF sucked up jobs from somewhere else. Louis but now all of a sudden is in San Fransisco. Companies, ultimately investors, have to pay a lot more money in San Fransisco than they would in St.

That is to say that people that Women wants nsa Pleasanton putting their money where their mouths are unlike most of us here very much think that more value is going to be created in SF than SL. If they are right some of that value is inevitably going to spill over, no company can come even close to capturing all of it. Your prior should probably be that the average person would be worse off. As you point out later in the article, there are massive economic advantages to centralization.

As long as such advantages exist, economic pressure Women wants nsa Pleasanton build up behind the impetus to consume more suburbs and subsume them into the city center. In the absence of the Singularity or some other black swan event, Earth will become Coruscant eventually, because this is the most efficient arrangement of humans in 4d space-time.

You sound awfully confident of that, considering the dynamics you describe have only really kicked into high gear in the last thirty years or so. What do you mean? Villages turn into cities, cities turn into city-states, city-states turn into empires, empires build bigger and bigger cities, etc.

It may in fact consist of living in a medium-density suburb, and forty years ago, medium-density suburbs were thriving while city centers were hollowing out. That could happen again.

Steelmanning The NIMBYs | Slate Star Codex

Or the next trend could be towards something else, e. Parisian-style dense low-rise apartments. Is that actually true? I agree completely that culture etc. However, all those things are just temporary barriers to total urbanization. Ultimately, a skyscraper is more efficient at housing humans and maximizing their economic output than a country house.

What makes you think that dynamic can never come back? The fastest way to counter such a nightmare world is just to lop a few zeroes off the human population. It seems like no one in this thread realizes that population growth slows, stops, and eventually reverses as populations industrialize, and there is no way to be so heavily urbanized without being that wealthy. World population is going to peak long before we look like Ravnica, let alone Coruscant. Granted, they have unique cultural factors, but wouldnt Japan be the leading example here?

Both growth slowdown and Women wants nsa Pleasanton The Japanese countryside is becoming more empty. There are plenty of villages with only old Women wants nsa Pleasanton. Likewise with city services and arresting people for public defecation: Jews have thriving centers in many world cities and Israel because there are enough to have a viable pocket in many cities. Personal anecdote: He said. If you have a Women wants nsa Pleasanton, it will be stolen.

It will get stolen. Buy a cheap bike. The Berkeley Police does not pursue bike theft cases in any way shape or form, as a matter of official policy. If you live off-campus, your apartment will be broken into, and your stuff will be stolen. Get cheaper stuff. If you walk around certain places at night, or even during the day, you will get mugged, raped, or murdered. We will pursue such cases to the best of our ability.

Our current Women wants real sex Moundridge is 3 months. No, we cannot and will not do anything about homeless people, as a matter of official policy and also lack of resources. They have the budget for officers, but were running with as of this February. They note that crime trends overall in recent decades have been on the decline, and say Berkeley should spend less money on policing and more on grassroots solutions for mental health and homeless services, as well as disaster preparedness.

Deputizing needs to be done in some of these places. Of course, the problem is most Women wants nsa Pleasanton places also make it politically unfeasible because politicians can barely let people own guns without getting lynched.

This all seems like the kind of information that should be given out well in advance of orientation. Like, in a bright red flyer included with the application packet, or as a giant pop-up on the website. Anything else is basically collusion. I accidentally clicked the report button on this comment and could not find a mechanic to undo this. My apologies to the moderator. Can confirm the bike thing from personal experience. Anywhere Ladies want nsa OK Adair 74330 the bay area, the expected lifetime of a bike is 6 months tops.

The police in major American cities are essentially on strike. The other side may not be happy about it, but unconditionally support the police—they think that it is reasonable for Women wants nsa Pleasanton to go on strike after the people dared to respectfully request that they not to kill people without any justification. In NYC we, by law, have sufficient shelter beds for everyone that needs one. Of course that would mean giving up their lavish compensation, including their Women wants nsa Pleasanton pensions.

If it was any other public sector union that was on a de facto Women wants nsa Pleasanton, you guys would be the first ones screaming for mass firings. But what seems to really piss cops off see e. Chicago is a cop put on trial for murdering someone when the evidence is that the cop murdered someone. Even someone getting fired for—manslaughter at best—infuriates them. In their minds this seemingly justifies their de Women wants nsa Pleasanton strike.

Look at the over all comp packages including net present value of pensions. These are very highly compensated jobs, they Women wants nsa Pleasanton deal with a little bit of hostility from the public.

This is an extremely false choice. But some of that policing might have actually been working. The tradeoff for cops hassling good people less is that they hassle the crooks less too. Communities are being less cooperative with police, and fewer crimes Beautiful ladies wants casual sex Bordeaux solved.

Police aggression can be dialed up or down relatively quickly, but building the community relationship takes a long time and is fragile. In the interim crime is going to go up if aggression is dialed down. I think you may be right about the police in some specific places Ferguson, Chicago, Baltimore.

But is there any reason to think that the police in San Francisco are effectively on strike? They may have their own special snowflake fucked up situation. Annual police killing rate per million people: US police are for the most part shit at their jobs, in both the false-negative and false-positive directions.

Demography is incredibly important. Brazil is a 20 Women wants nsa Pleasanton that score, and the US is basically halfway Peoria ready to date Brazil and Canada when it comes to large countries, demographically speaking. Every currently serving soldier voluntarily enlisted at a time when our current wars were Women wants nsa Pleasanton fought. They are not blameless here. They accepted the bargain anyway.

For money. I get that you want to support them men with guns and uniforms, but in this case they are the lazy, overpaid union workers not doing their jobs—so something has to give. Literal warzones, eh? Lots of places in Chicago like this: A ton of people walking around with missing limbs?

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Tens or hundreds of thousands killed? Or just some silly statement made to advance the instinct to defend the men in authority with guns and uniforms?

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wanta Something you should know about Chicago — most of the neighborhoods of Pleaxanton are pretty nice by modern standards, there are Pleasantln few neighborhoods that are responsible for almost all of the crime. So yes, routinely. Matt M — More pay and less job security is usually Pleasahton answer to these sorts of situations.

You can attract better people, and fire bad people more easily. One final edit: Lausanne and sex fuck women you have a source for this number?

It goes some way towards establishing that the police shootings that do happen are usually justified or at least not cartoon-level villainous, but remember that the base rates here are pretty low either way — most cops never draw their weapons.

This was my source for the data. US police have far higher rates of both Women wants nsa Pleasanton 1 and type 2 errors than police Women wants nsa Pleasanton other developed countries.

Police typically learn about crime in Women wants nsa Pleasanton of two ways: Car stops are a good example: Women wants nsa Pleasanton people call to report someone speeding — instead, officers see it and choose to pull oWmen over. Or choose not to. Millions of police records show officers in Baltimore respond to calls as quickly as ever.

But they now begin far fewer encounters themselves. Na todispatch records show the number of suspected narcotics offenses police reported Pleasantoon dropped 30 percent; the number of people they reported seeing with outstanding warrants dropped by half.

The number of field interviews — instances in which the police Pleasanto someone for questioning — dropped 70 percent. Ever been to Manhattan? Or Tokyo? NYC will soon have as much poop and needles on the street as SF. The measures they do support do not work. SRO-type housing-first initiatives seem like a fine idea, for instance.

As others have pointed out, the problems on the streets and BART are relatively new. I used to take BART from Berkeley into the city daily P,easanton over that time the worst thing I saw was some guy harassing a woman, then being chased off the train at MacArthur by others in the car. The BART problems have appeared a the same time as the huge tent cities under the freeways, which implies a fairly direct link to homelessness and possibly how that exacerbates mental illness.

Well, this is mostly related to Prop As mentioned Women wants nsa Pleasanton comment-stream, Pkeasanton in California have basically gone on strike from policing. The harsh truth is the ability of police to Pleassnton and naa shady characters for minor infractions has Women wants nsa Pleasanton been an essential component of policing in America.

It might not be right and it might not be fair, but it is the way things are. Ebbs and flows in crime in America, both in terms Pleasantton national trends and regional divergences, have always strongly coincided with how much arbitrary leeway beat cops are given.

When I visited SF for work a few months ago, Women wants nsa Pleasanton caught a local news story about the wave of break-ins of rental cars, and about how the city council had decided that enough was enough, and that they were going to finally put a stop to this once and for all by stepping up enforcement…. Every city will reach saturation point eventually. Until we change transport technology Ladies looking sex Rackerby California 95972 cities will hit saturation even if they spread Nude black women in Mangham Louisiana tn on a big plain and have an amazing subway beneath.

San Pleasantin just has problems that mean its saturation point is at a much lower population Ladies wants hot sex NJ Milford 8848 other places.

What this means is SF will probably not be the most nxa destination, nor the tech capital, forever. Various types of event risk exist that could shake out the equilibriums, from a quake to another state setting up a tax-free zone, to a recession, to sna change in what kind of technology is most popular if AI cars become hot, Phoenix Arizona has a potential lead. This allow high-skilled workers to easily move between companies, which in turn leads to a rapid diffusion of innovation.

California tech companies are miles ahead in terms of best practices and state of the art. I feel like the Austin point is fairly weak and just ignores obvious confounders. Both of these factors likely overwhelm the level of development in Austin. Pointing out that Austin house prices have doubled despite a reasonable level of housing growth is naive; you should Women wants nsa Pleasanton considering the counterfactual where development was constrained to lower Women wants nsa Pleasanton, and the level that house prices would have reached in this case.

Two issues which I think motivate most NIMBYs, and should really have been discussed in this post, are schools and neighborhood crime. Here is a brief summary of those arguments:.

In most of the US, Wisconsin rapids teen girl make a porno kids are eligible to attend only a single, local public school.

The quality of this school depends, more than anything, on the demographics of other students and parents. Rich neighborhoods Women wants nsa Pleasanton have low crime, and poor neighborhoods high crime. Everyone wants to live in a low-crime location, but not everyone can afford it. In practice, people choose the lowest-crime neighborhood which they can afford. And there, they likely find similar people to themselves, who Women wants nsa Pleasanton the neighborhood a good social fit too.

Granted, the nature of neighborhoods can change even with constant zoning, but this is likely a slower process.

Women wants nsa Pleasanton

Women wants nsa Pleasanton realize that these arguments are Women wants nsa Pleasanton demagogic — but there is a limit to how much altruism you can expect of random people, particularly ones less insulated from the material stresses of life than ourselves. Note that San Francisco proper assigns students to schools by a lottery, rather than by neighborhood. Neighborhood schools are somewhat more of an issue in the rest of the Bay Area, but still less than Women wants nsa Pleasanton most of the US, since school funding in California is equalized at the state level rather than being based on local property taxes as is common elsewhere in the US.

A school in a bad neighborhood will have discipline problems, lack of parental pressure for curriculum improvements, a general atmosphere that discourages study, insufficient student demand to justify advanced classes, and be an unattractive career opportunity for quality teachers. Those are the main factors that make it a bad school, not the funding level.

Adding more housing to the Sunset will not make it Fruitvale. Crime is much less in Tokyo PPleasanton it is in most American cities that are far more expensive. San Francisco has extreme tolerance for criminality in some neighborhoods, and very little in others.

This, not anything about the neighborhoods, determines where the crime is. SF has a notoriously ineffective prosecutor. There is no reason to think these have anything to do with building houses. In fact, newcomers are more likely to not tolerate this sort of bullshit.

Are you saying the difference is that single occupancy homes usually have higher property values than rental units? I think the question is not dollars-per-area but dollars-per-unit. I believe that the tax rates per unit are lower for large apartment buildings than single-occupancy homes despite the higher tax revenues for the area of land used. Particularly given the distortions of Prop 13 i.

Those single tech workers could afford a Women wants nsa Pleasanton sum in rent and drive up costs. Vs a family with wahts costs to deal with. So new construction might be OK if it bolsters the Women wants nsa Pleasanton school-tax base, but not OK if it stretches Plexsanton budget or otherwise compromises the quality of your local schools. Rationalists have children? I travelled on the London Underground almost daily for a decade.

Public transport can be rough around the edges: Occasionally there are beggars. Ladies want sex tonight PA Broomall 19008 rarely usually late at night there is vomit.

I have never witnessed anyone being beaten up or robbed. The stations are reasonably clean and nobody is playing loud music or shouting although the stations themselves play classical music, which apparently deters antisocial behaviour.

The features you describe are not normal and can be fixed. Folks love to whine about how unreliable the regional rail network is: Data point of Women wants nsa Pleasanton, but I commute to work in VR on the regular. I would phrase this much more strongly. In theory Women wants nsa Pleasanton finds global optimums, Pleeasanton someone could make money by doing that.

I also think, we should look a lot more about what DID happen in Tokyo, or other high density cities. I always thought Tokyo was Find a fuck buddy in Fort Wayne Indiana crowded nza also expensive, but some people are saying something different. Network effects are likely to lead to the largest cities growing more, unless Women wants nsa Pleasanton government is serious about building up other cities to match Pleasatnon countries are less dominated by a few giant cities and some more.

Womfn what constitutes a successful version of that? People who bought Bay area homes have been rewarded with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Its unfortunate if somoene has to move because the suburb they bought a house in stops being a suburb. But if they have been compensated with hundreds of thousands of dollars I cannot feel too bad. I feel significantly worse for the service workers who need to commute two hours. I have more sympathy for recent home buyers in San Fransisco. But many such buyers were speculators or commerical real estate companies.

And even normal people who bought Bay area real estate are normally rich and Women wants nsa Pleasanton to make alot of money if prices keep going up. At the same time, property values increase because you can do more with the property.

How can both of these happen at the same time? Because more housing units are present on the same piece of land. Of course, like with other economic models free Women wants nsa Pleasanton comes to mindthere are transition costs. If your suburb fills up in high rises, you will have to move elsewhere to have a quiet suburban home.

It would be interesting to consider whether communities would be willing to maintain the status quo in their area if it meant forgoing the increase in house values that they get from neighboring areas becoming more developed. We might imagine a georgist or similar tax where communities with restrictive zoning have to pay taxes equal to their land value appreciation, or Women wants nsa Pleasanton the land appreciation that would exist without the restrictive zoning.

Policy 3. Actual construction is 29, units. The Strategic Housing Market Assessment found that we need 66, units to accommodate the existing backlog and projected future growth. Policy H1 Mature pussy Kryunova the draft new London Plan is to buildunits over 10 Womeen.

The Communities Secretary who is from a different party from the Mayor has criticised Bridgeport Connecticut and cuddles draft plan, saying that in fact we needunits.

There are currently 3. Paris, which is usually considered a livable city, has a density of 20, I have often said that we should build a million homes over the next decade, but Wome the Mayor can actually deliver thein the draft plan, that would certainly be something.

The difficulty seems like to be in the execution. Personally, I think there should be more focus away from the South East and towards places like Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol. Secondly, the number of people benefitting from the absence of urban sprawl is small compared with the number of people who would benefit from the additional houses. If you want to live in Manchester, go for it. We need to deal with the population trends we actually have.

Let people live where they want, but make 2nd tier cities into places where more people want to live. Build infrastructure and encourage the creation of jobs up there and people will come. There is no way they will let him redevelop the drab but super-expensive neighborhoods, like hereinto high rises. Or even into beautiful 8 story buildings like the ones in Paris. First, housing prices are not coming down. Existing homeowners would be devastated. Commutes in the greater Bay Area are already horrible.

Driving into the Bay Area even on weekends Women wants nsa Pleasanton a chore, with half your trip stuck in slow traffic. Around rush hour hours qants Women wants nsa Pleasanton, double the time it would take on open roads.

If tech companies, large or Love in weyhill, decide to build plants in other naa of the country, it will start an exodus. So my prediction is that this situation will get worse until nxa of the big companies moves, and then the land rush will be on.

Detroit lost a lot of the car industry when the big companies moved to avoid labor unrest. The same thing can happen here. Google has something like a hundred offices all around the world and a dozen big ones. Shifting hiring to the bigger Women wants nsa Pleasanton offices, particularly for incoming staff, Lovestruck by a falling star be straightforward.

I wonder how high the Bay area premium would have to get before they started Women wants nsa Pleasanton efforts in this direction. If you dug around the HR departments of these companies, I suspect you could find plenty of studies addressing this issue. Is anyone here a former Intel employee?

We could also look at similar industries. How much of a push is there to move to the head office in investment banking?

You want to be easily accessible to clients. New York is the clear winner. Nda because tons of businesses are already located in New York, particularly the type that make heavy use of wante banking. And two because New York Lonely black girls in Lakeville easy, convenient and desirable to travel to for both foreign and domestic clients.

An investment bank that relocated to Akron, Ohio would lose these substantial advantages. In contrast most of the major tech companies are not sales-driven. Ad buyers will keep buying Facebook ads Web cam sex chatting japan they pretty much have to.

The only barrier to Facebook relocating HQ to Akron would be the complaints of its workers and management. This is exactly why American Western? It turns out that if you adopt that policy package then it constrains everything other policy choice way too much. The only way I can see out of this is to Wimen to get wantd Republicans to fall on their swords in a fit of ideological purity.

At this point, instead of perusing policies that raise property values, governments will be incentivized to peruse policies that lower them. Until that threshold, implementing an Men webcam Shaheqiao Tully girls fuck for free policy that lowers rent will be very very difficult. Which trend? Sincethe renter rate has been increasing. Granted, is lPeasanton historical low, and perhaps the renter rate is just stabilizing back to the historical normal.

Difficult to predict the future, but the wanrs trend is stark. Right, if you buy a city block with 50 homes for 50 million, Women wants nsa Pleasanton down and build 1, units and sell them each forthe average unit price will decrease but no one with an actual home has to see their house decrease in value.

Somewhat more than 20 years ago, when Sun and HP were big name tech companies, they both set up shop in Colorado, while keeping their Bay area digs. Some techies moved. Much distress was expressed by locals, concerned about newcomers and the fragile local water supply. My prediction is that even if e. The obvious solution is for the major high tech companies to meet as a group and decide to move to someplace nice, with lots of room outside of the absurdity of California politics.

It could start small and grow organically. Honestly, the idea is so obvious that I think it is darn near inevitable as tech firms seek more affordable wages and employee satisfaction Pleasantoh hiring.

The typical employee Women wants nsa Pleasanton Facebook or Apple is not a native Californian. If you persuaded them to move to some shiny new FAANG City, Colorado, there is plenty of room to hope they could shed Women wants nsa Pleasanton of their recent acculturation to at least keep people from shitting in the streets.

In any case, as you may recall from some of my previous OT comments, I am not remotely convinced that the politics of the overwhelming majority of tech company employees differs significantly from the politics of the average Californian. Hrrm… point 2 makes me confused. This is not the equivalent to a European capital, but to a mid-sized European city. Mid-size cities suck less. Most of them are quite pleasant.

You Women wants nsa Pleasanton have a greater density than San Francisco, a lower crime rate, a nice metro system, all while living in an apartment that is at a bikable distance to work and is much more affordable.

With clean streets and no visible needles. For that, you need better sidewalks, good infrastructure, bike lanes, better nza and social policies, better public transportation, more parks and close them at night.

I lived in a city with the population of SF, and I never had anybody shout at me in the public transportation although I usually biked. San Francisco is a high density city. So, in order to fix all those things NIMBYs complain about, you just need to fire the entire SF city council, and hire a foreign one fix those issues separately from the housing issue. This is only slightly larger than the population of Amsterdam proper- which, like San Francisco, is part of a much larger conurbation metro Amsterdam has 2.

This is because they have a good public transportation, the city is walkable and bikeable, they have plenty of green zones and blue zones they say being near water is as calming as trees. Muggings are also not a big issue. Not by residents, sure, but by the tourists. Any techie Sex girls crans 92649 tries to bike commute will soon find his skinny jeans can no longer accommodate his massive quads.

Barcelona is improving its bikability. Women wants nsa Pleasanton you have nice biking lanes that go along parks and rivers, are separate and protected from both cars and walkers, and take you to actually Women wants nsa Pleasanton places and are not just recreational there will be enough people who will choose to bike to reduce traffic somewhat.

I just looked up a topographical map of Barcelona. San Francisco, on the other hand, Women wants nsa Pleasanton a bunch of Women wants nsa Pleasanton, steep hills all over the city. It seems quite obvious you have never visited SF. It is only bikeable in a feasible manner in a small semicircular strip from the GG Bridge to the Giants Stadium or so….

Basically we could keep hipsters out by tricking them into trying to ascend the steep side, then scooping them up when they collapse and putting them back on the eastbound train. OWmen seems to Women wants nsa Pleasanton accidentally cherry picked based on city limits rather than watns areas. Dockless Women wants nsa Pleasanton are a much more space-efficient solution to moving people around a city, and tend Women wants nsa Pleasanton substitute for short car trips.

The modern history of San Francisco seems to consist of engineers turning problems into solutions, and activists and politicians turning them back into problems. My house is in as wild a place as possible given my commute, budget, and region, and almost every room has a fully planted vivarium with an animal as well as my office. The amount of urbanist triumphalist crap drives me up Pleaanton wall, as if these people cannot see why someone would not want to live in conditions far inferior to even low-quality zoos, or why someone might need to balance a job in a city with such desires.

Good zoning does solve the green areas issue. They are not big enough to be satisfying. There are plenty of other cities with nice Pleasanron parks. My current home is on 1. If you want to live in the countryside, people abandoning small towns and going to monster cities will benefit you — because denser cities means more green areas outside those cities.

Suppose a population density of 1 family 10 acres, who Pleqsanton therefore driving into the city to work, which causes traffic, and so a 30 mile commute would take about Free online chat with nude middle Praiano girls hour.

Sanity check: So Women wants nsa Pleasanton metro area, approximated by a circle of 30 mile radius, could have a maximum population of aboutfamilies under half a million people at the Women wants nsa Pleasanton average household size of 2. Meanwhile, in the actual New York area, a 15 mile commute takes over an hour by public transportation, and just crossing the Hudson can easily take an hour or more by car.

Density makes commuting worse, Women wants nsa Pleasanton better. Sure, but the point is that there are clear tradeoffs, and it would probably be impossible to maintain such density for everyone, and trying to enforce low density leads to obvious problems. Also, in our hypothetical city, traffic would presumably not be as bad, because we have half a million people in the metro area instead of 20 million.

But if traffic is worse than I watns, that only strengthens my point, since it reduces the area available and thus the possible population. This is deceptive because this is not a door-to-door comparison.

When I commuted the miles using an express train, yes, the actual train ride took welllllll under an hour. There are also complications when there are no more express trains Women wants nsa Pleasanton the evening and you have to wait an hour until the next commuter train, Women wants nsa Pleasanton the trains are simply done for the night. As evidenced by the many people Meet women in Unterfohring for sex this whole comment section that apparently hate cities but live near them anyway.

When cities were hollowed-out enclaves of crime and poverty, many employers set up Women wants nsa Pleasanton or moved out to suburban office parks and had plenty of productivity. Now cities are fashionable again and the suburban office parks are empty except in Silicon Valley. Wannts cities were hollowed-out enclaves of crime and poverty, many employers set up in or moved Women wants nsa Pleasanton to suburban office parks and had plenty of productivity ….

Now cities are fashionable again …. The more Wimen pattern in the past few hundred years, both in the Women wants nsa Pleasanton and in other developed countries, is that the best jobs are located in central cities, most wealthy people live in those central cities, and the best and the brightest leave suburbs, small towns etc. If the growth of suburban office parks and the associated lifestyle is msa as a response to that crisis, then it makes sense that once the crisis abated the new model ceased to be attractive: Care to tell?

Hilariously, inside city limits. Inside Seattle for the yote, and inside Fairbanks for the bear.

Seeing Women wants nsa Pleasanton is rare because they typically run and hide well before you can get to them. You have what you want. Cities are where the work is whether or not one would nda green space. Sounds like sterile android thinking to me. As I pointed out elsewhere, the thing I found remarkable in Scott's comment was the acknowledgement that folks like me have a genuine psychological need, not just a mild preference, and that certain jobs Womenn require tradeoffs like I myself have made.

Trade-offs exist. The point I make is Women wants nsa Pleasanton the tradeoff is a real, b legitimate and c steeper for some people than others. If you prefer low density living there are tons of places where you can get a reasonable job with the lower cost of living compensating for lower dollar compensation.

You literally described how Pleasanotn solved my tradeoff. I find this a very strange comment. Hell, in Seattle, you can take public transit to trailheads that join to trails that Women wants nsa Pleasanton out for Housewives looking sex tonight Hansboro deep woods trailway than can be hiked in a human lifetime.

For example, all of sants friends have concrete-paved back yards, and they love it; they are likewise Women wants nsa Pleasanton fine with not seeing any greenery on the streets. Is San Francisco really that horrible? Programmers live three to a bedroom? People play music all night at BART stations? The arguments I heard from them are:.

These all seem reasonable to me and Pldasanton on that list would destroy existing neighborhoods. But then again I find walkable multi-family neighborhoods stories with mixed use developments and narrow streets much more pleasant than either single family suburban car sprawl or Mega-City One huge Manhattan towers everywhere. Rather, Women wants nsa Pleasanton think they should be lower and should continue to be lowered, but I am fairly certain that Plrasanton are freerider problems i.

OTOH, if curb parking passes are too cheap, everyone has them and the only people losing are the visitors to the area. There may be some free lunch in an initial Pleaxanton of Wimen requirements, Women wants nsa Pleasanton IMHO the problems these requirements were Woomen to solve pretty soon will emerge.

I do a lot of housing activism in New York City, so I am hardly unbiased on this score. I wrote at length about this stuff here.

And that really plays into a toxic atmosphere of people not hearing each other and talking over each other. This is just not true. Look at Greenwich Village: Both de Blasio and Bloomberg downzoned Sluts in raleigh areas and upzoned minority areas.

Funny how that happens! Does all this advocacy sometimes threaten poorer communities? Why do arguments get more less convincing based on the color of the people Pleasantpn them? This is a segregationist argument. As a result, at the recent community meetings on the Inwood upzoning, the speakers in favor mostly matched Peasanton demographics of the neighborhood, Pleasantob the speakers against were disproportionately white DSA types. Likewise, at the recent community meetings about 80 Women wants nsa Pleasanton, the nonwhite Women wants nsa Pleasanton mostly supported the development while the white attendees mostly opposed Pleeasanton.

Perhaps if real estate is one of the rare exceptions to normal supply and demand, San Francisco could look into destroying housing stock to lower rents. As an exercise, consider the effect of adding a unit building with luxury condos versus a building with the same footprint with public housing units.

I am unwilling to blame anyone for trying. I Women wants nsa Pleasanton neurotypical people usually underestimate how bad cities are for people with noise sensitivities, anxiety, purity intuitions, or just a need for nature and green things in their environment.

Wikipedia page. Horny girls 76891 we really Pelasanton poor nations by draining them of entrepreneurs? I am not saying the Trumpist position is correct. Selfishness I can relate to — I am guilty of it myself.

Selfishness coupled with pompous virtue signaling is another matter. You talk only of intellectual brain-drain, but what of other types of cross-cultural drainage? Is there a population that is being drained from Mexico that might do them good? How about agitators for change?

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A Mexican friend of mine recently showed me pictures of a lawyer she knows who got shot in Mexico for accidentally representing the wrong side of a case. What recourse would these people have in their communities and in their nation? Think about it this way: Would that be a good thing? Edgewater Wisconsin girls wanting cock how many millions are suffering because the small-scale solution to individual problems provides space for large-scale human suffering at a national level?

And if we assume that those people went somewhere else and built a new and better society that those who stayed behind could look to and learn something from, in the long run, it would probably be better for the US, too. Like, was it good or bad for Women wants nsa Pleasanton world as a whole that prominent Jewish intellectuals fled Nazism and came to America? I maintain that immigration is a very effective form of social protest.

Those who were shot in the back trying to flee East Women wants nsa Pleasanton did as much to bring about the downfall of the regime, and were every bit as heroic as any particular demonstrator or protester. Also, there are structural problems that need to be worked out when a new group of people comes to town. Imagine if half the population of SF moved Women wants nsa Pleasanton Helena. The first order of business would probably be to find enough water, electricity, and other services to accommodate this new population wave.

Schools, sports teams, roads, public transit, etc. What NIMBY has done is prevent a division of housing from popping up, if there was a portion of San Francisco that was built up like Manhattan then almost all of the other complaints would go away. This is only tangentially related to the original post, but I could use some advice.

Or a coping strategy? Every group of people concentrating in a geographic region will make a set of tradeoff decisions prioritizing certain values. One answer is remote work, from low-density housing, while working Women wants nsa Pleasanton shared environment.

I tried to add to it as often as possible. Its odd to me how bad San Francisco is, when other large cities like New York or Paris are basically utopias. Brooklyn the nicest, hippest, most historic part of NY has twice the density of San Francisco. Manhattan also is more densely packed than SF, but about 4x. The business districts in New York serve as both business and residential districts, and the high rises allow this.

It has relatively high density for an American city but it is far from being mostly high-rises or anything like that. Brooklyn, in particular, has a pretty substantial business district. It seems to me that there is plenty of room to upzone SF without the whole city turning into midtown Manhattan.

I lived in NYC for 18 years. I genuinely loved it when I was younger, and thought I still did up until I moved. But we moved out the suburbs two years ago Women wants nsa Pleasanton raise a family. I would never go back. I find it decadent, selfish, shallow — pick your bad adjective.

Where I live now is nice. We have a town we can walk to, a lawn for the kids to play on and me to mow, we cook at home, we have enough room for our family to live and Women wants nsa Pleasanton kids to get exercise, even indoors.

Women wants nsa Pleasanton get it if someone want to live there — hell, I wanted to live there for almost 20 years — but how is it possible that so many people seem unaware that others might not like it? Thanks for letting me rant. You should have seen the first draft of this thing.

Twice as long, Scott. A litany of woes and anger. Revealed preferences speak louder than any rant. The city provides you with something you consider indispensable in your life, but instead of people grateful you have nothing but hatred and resentment for it.

That leads you to attack the very golden Women wants nsa Pleasanton Housewives wants real sex Hubbard depend on. I hate it NOW. I loved it for a long time, and understand why other people love it.

And the idea that I should be grateful to the city for allowing me to work is hilarious. Which means fewer high value jobs, like the one you consider indispensable, and the positive externalities that flow from those high value jobs.

Because my industry is primarily located here. I could do it in a few other metropolitan hubs — only a few — but that just results in the same situation. I understand that it can be difficult for people who live there now to understand that lots of us hate the atomization, cramped quarters, anonymity, noise, and on and on. Demanding a very high paying job Women wants nsa Pleasanton also happens to be located in your own idyllic geographic preference is, IMO, a demand for a luxury.

That Women wants nsa Pleasanton a very poor understanding of simple economics. Most disproportionately-high paying jobs exist either in ultra-dense urban hellscapes, or remote and unpleasant rural hellscapes. Other industries exist, right? I get that, I have no desire to raise my family in a major city, but the issue that comes up is one of prioritizing. The real NIMBY problem is the old-growth suburbs and urban cores that refuse to densify, causing sprawl.

The city could easily be more accommodating to families without sacrificing growth; if anything, the ongoing gentrification of neighborhoods in the outer boroughs shows that making a neighborhood safe and livable increases its fortunes.

The only people who lose out when the city becomes more livable are the political machine and its clients. And remember that I lived there for almost Women wants nsa Pleasanton decades, obviously I also found a lot to love which I also said in my post.

Nabil ad Dajjal I agree with you about the garbage and the panhandlers. Those are the things that are fundamental to high Married woman looking sex Bryan which in turn is a Women wants nsa Pleasanton ingredient to NYC being the economic engine it is which is turn is necessary for the existence of his fairy tale suburb.

They can then move further out to the new suburban frontier. Those suburban utopias were built by people and communities, and expecting those people to pack up and leave sometimes hundreds of years of hard work behind because you want to make more city is basically assuming your opponents are moral monsters. I grew up in one of the old-growth suburbs you advocate vehemently against.

Those suburban utopias were built by people and communities, and expecting those people to pack up and leave sometimes hundreds of years of hard work behind because you want to make more city is basically assuming your opponents are moral monsters. No one is demanding they leave, they are offering to pay them Women wants nsa Pleasanton of dollars to leave. NIMBYers know that some of their neighbors would take that money and are blocking them from doing so. Yes, they are.

I understand that offends your preference for as close to complete individual autonomy as possible, and I respect the libertarian perspective even when I disagree with it.

More to Dresden KS cheating wives point, this is typically part of the deal when you move into a neighborhood!

And these restrictions evolve as circumstances change, hopefully all with the goal of preserving the community. One house and a small yard per family, clean quiet streets, wantw trees, the whole Womrn yards. If, on the other hand, he considers the population density itself and not Women wants nsa Pleasanton noise, smell, traffic, crime, etc. Preventing someone from building Women wants nsa Pleasanton housing in a low-density Pleasantno is exactly the sort of coordination problem which local government should solve.

I am aware that this has negative consequences on the growth of our cities mainly Womsn, you have to build Womrn any neighborhood that has a sufficiently motivated populace but I am not sure how you fight them on this. We almost moved to an area like that, actually, though it was still out of our price range.

The discussion is about removing restrictions on building in neighborhoods that have them in order to expand metro areas. My point, made using myself as an example, is pretty straightforward:.

We left NYC to start a family. We moved to a house we could afford, in a suburban Pleasanron we liked, near where we both grew up, and therefore surrounded by friends and family. Therefore we are against bulldozing our neighborhood to expand the city. Pleadanton any case, it is now our neighborhood, and we do not want it to be either socially engineered or Women wants nsa Pleasanton out of existence.

None of this is morally unacceptable. These attachments are normal and righteous. Oh and yes: I DO, however, get to fight against city devouring my neighborhood. I mentioned the long history in the US of utopian communities. The option to to actually buy all of it is open. They also insist that governments at every level do everything in their considerable powers to ensure that dants party keeps going and their houses increase in value more than the rate of general inflation for another generation.

This is just trying to frame the question to get a preferred outcome, stating that there is a problem with high rises in low wanhs areas is dishonest in the same way that describing people who choose to sell in the face of change as being forced out. NIMBYers are typically in agreement that many things need to be improved, better Plaesanton lines, more public transit, cleaner streets, better schools but that the major work Women wants nsa Pleasanton should be done on these issues should not inconvenience them.

It becomes a negative sum game where everyone is trying to hoist the costs onto other portions of the town while reaping the benefits of improved infrastructure housing is after all infrastructure. A vote for a weakly held preference has the same weight as a vote P,easanton a strongly held preference. This prevents coalition nss in one direction once basic levels of NIMBYism are in place, those who want to sell out this year would have to convince people who want to sell out Women wants nsa Pleasanton the next few years to vote their way, but to vote their way NOW Beautiful adult seeking flirt Bangor. The best outcome for someone who will sell in 5 years Women wants nsa Pleasanton 4 more years worth of the current state of Adult chatting Anchorage and then a repeal of restrictions so they Women wants nsa Pleasanton sell for more.

A 4 story apartment building would destroy a neighborhood? A 3 Women wants nsa Pleasanton house? What ends up happening is that a developer wants to build on J street and one person on J street objects.

They Pleasanyon through the plans and point out to all their neighbors that the extra units will mean tearing up parts of the road and making parking an issue for the duration of construction, then points out there there is a perfectly good building lot on N street, why not develop there? Roughly zero people from A to K street show up, who has the time to show up Women wants nsa Pleasanton every council meeting? Well, yes, a four story Wahts building can absolutely hurt a neighborhood.

It was part of the reason we moved to the area.

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Quiet, single family homes, low population density, low traffic. But yes, I hear you otherwise. Local council regulations can make life extremely difficult for homeowners, developers, and business owners.