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Radcliff ending massage Radcliff

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If your intrested let me know. Anyways if you ever run acrross this.

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View Full Version: Massage Parlor Reports.

Hi all, I'm massaeg newbie on here but have been seeing Louisville providers for body rubs for Radcliff ending massage Radcliff 6 months now and wanted to post a few quick comments on who I've seen to contribute to the forum.

I cut my teeth on the girls at the stadium and really miss that location.

Erotic massage parlor reviews - find your Happy Ending!

I've also seen Lexi recently and will not return, she had something going on down below and her location was way too dark. My favorite is probably Jasmine, although she only does outcall, great body and attitude with roaming allowed with the standard finish.

I've been to the Fern Valley location twice and did not like the attempts to upsale so haven't been back. Have also been to see Rachel one time, nice lady, but I like them built a enving better. Also Radcliff ending massage Radcliff Jennifer who is across the river one time and although she's cheaper than most, there's a reason why. Wanted to throw some of my experiences out there and contribute before I asked about any providers.

I will remind you this. Damn good money trumps ALL. Enough said. Also, take Radcliff ending massage Radcliff of my handle. Thank you very much. Mxssage Tide! LOLI don't know what in your mind is "Damn good money" for a provider for a session. But Radcliff ending massage Radcliff will swear on any holy book you happen to have handy, then my life, then your life, and finally her life, that indeed, I at least quintupled the offer last time I saw her, and not just said the number, had the cash on me, and had her Radclifff in it, made it rain on her, etc.

I'm telling you this as plainly as can be said in this case. She does not want anything to do with the hobby, the handlers in it, the girls in it, or the people she met Radcliff ending massage Radcliff it anymore. Leave the girl alone, as Big said, going to see her now she told me where she Housewives looking casual sex Cross plains Texas 76443, and to come see her, and I even I have not yet at her new job, is completely stalkerish.

endkng And for those of you that tried to Radcliff ending massage Radcliff her, same thing, WTF? This is all more than I ever wanted to say, really about anything having to do with this subject, as even this is somewhat letting out some of her privacy, but not near to the level some of you are asking about.

To The Sexy Ladies Working At Santa Ana Deli

Let her live her life. If she was still in it, and Radcliff ending massage Radcliff found out where she worked, I don't think any of us would mind if it was said where she worked. Invasion of privacy, yes, but that is the risk you take when you work this job and put out pics of yourself.

However this goes for any of them if they leave, and not just go on hiatus, but like, done for life leave.

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We should leave them alone, and certainly not go say hi to them at Local whores palm Riverside new job. Also, yeah, Roll Tide on Monday. And perhaps you can PM me what you meant about your handle. I don't know what in your mind Radclifr "Damn good money" for a provider for a session. Dear Sir, Could it be you sir that no money would surfice to entice her.

From reading your posts, I certainly would not recommend any woman Racliff you. I would say she is a very smart woman indeed. Radcliff ending massage Radcliff if they haven't left, getting their day job's location and visiting them there Radcliff ending massage Radcliff. Well I have no words to describe it.

Radcliff ending massage Radcliff

It reminds me of another board where a provider posted a public notice to let people know not to walk up to her in public when she was with her family and start addressing her by her working name.

Saw Mary a few days ago. Nice girl, better with makeup and that voice is Radcliff ending massage Radcliff deep. Definitely a smoker.

Standard fare with roaming. I have to say that her partner Cynthia Radclifff lost a lot of weight and looks good. I may just have to see her the next time. She had something going on down there last time I saw Radcliff ending massage Radcliff too; you are the Radcliff ending massage Radcliff person to report this problem recently.

Looks like she would do something about it! Caveat emptor! That surely is the holy grail. This has been reported on her for over 2 years with no improvement.

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No kidding! Unfortunately I did not see the reviews on her until afterwards. Shame too, she's got a nice body. Her ad reads: Looks like an Angel touches like an Angel must be an Angel.

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Maybe should ad Smells like el diablo at the end. Thanks do shedding light on a couple I Radcliff ending massage Radcliff know about, and confirming what I had heard about massagw others. Seems like she would get that figured out or maybe some guy like that sorta thing. To each his own.

Be safe. I've seen both, and must say things only got better the more I saw them. Stayed with them for a while until someone Radcliff ending massage Radcliff came along. Where's my like button. I love the girls there but. Same experience. Should someone maybe send her a text about Radclirf or something? I'm sure she is a reader of the board. Besides, if you have an odor, how can you not know it?

Instead of texting her, go see someone who doesn't smell like rotten fish and ass combined. That's an accurate description! I've never seen her, and don't plan on it. Radcliff ending massage Radcliff has To be a reason for it?

I Am Seeking Nsa Radcliff ending massage Radcliff

Got to be something that she could do to fix it. Seems like it would have to help business.

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I come into town a few Tajikistan fucking womans a year for work. Always hit this place up its a little on the high side but no waite good service always leave happy.

Now I'm sure better and cheaper out there but when I'm in town it's only 1 or 2 nights don't want to take chances Radcliff ending massage Radcliff out of town.

I know I'm new but if you have any recommended places I'd be grateful. Il try Radcliff ending massage Radcliff venture out when have more time in town. Had a dream about Cynthia at Mecca today. Started with very nice relaxing massage. Made some small talk and chatted a little.

Massage was good like deeper massage but was pleased with it. On the flip did some more massaging started letting my hands roam and went uphill from there. Radcliff ending massage Radcliff Radclifc lost weight since I saw her long while back.

She's no spinner still has some meat on bones but thats what I like. Radcliff ending massage Radcliff highly recommend if you want a good massage with a Radcliff ending massage Radcliff ending. Does anyone have any info on Donna and Sandy? I know they are older, but I think I would like to try them for a change of taste.

Any reviews? I've searched for both their names but didn't turn up anything note-worthy. There is some on another site. Syracuse New York adult dating will get FS, but only with one and you get to pick. From the reviews it seems neither would be the right pick unless you like older over weight women. Radcliff ending massage Radcliff sounded disconnected and the place was reviewed as dirty.

I have NOT seen them, They have seen some bad reviews on another site. Sounds like that's a PASS.

Radcliff Erotic Massage Parlors in Kentucky

Thanks, BFDeal. Looking back through old ads hoping to reach out to some old clients of mine.

I was working there around the same time as the girl mentioned above. Whats up LittleMissKate?